Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome to my world!

This is the first post where I am suppose to tell you everything that you can expect.
Well....I have no idea what I am doing! I hope to exceed your nothing! I guess it can only go up from here, huh?!?!
My name is Nicole and I am a newbie to the blogging world. I have been told many time over the last couple of years that I should write a blog, write a book, write a movie, have my own TV show....translation: your life is crazy and my friends wouldn't believe me if I retold your stories with out proof. SO I am starting at the least invasive way I can think of. To all my FB fans this is the new home that crazy built and I will be posting here so feel free to share my shenanigans from here on out!

For my first "post" - What is with that title?
Let's dive in, shall we?
A Tall Order of Life: Exactly what I prayed for! -- the meaning the name.
Here is the thought behind this...
Tall: I like coffee (any caffeine really) and I my self am very tall for a women (5' 11 and 3/4!).
Order: I like order, ordering things and ordering people around (although that I don't mean to do!).
Life:...ahhh life...this is about my life, the way I interpret it.
Prayed: I have done a lot of praying for what I have, I am spiritual more then I am religious and I believe as long as you believe in something it will all work out in the end -- sometimes not exactly how you envisioned it but still how it should be.

So there it is. The baby blog is named. Take it or leave it, that is the title!
Shout out to "cousin" M and my Wonder Twin for listening to my endless ramblings in order to come up with this name!

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