Wednesday, November 4, 2015


UPDATE TIME!!!! I know it's been a while...far to long in fact but silence usually means that I am up to something!

This time it means lots of somethings!!!

All good things of course, but I have been busier over the last 6 months then I ever have in my entire life!

I was going to do the update all in one post but there is way to much to read in one sitting so I am going to do it in a series...sorry but I promise it will be easier to read and also understand!

The first update is going to be the most important...

MY BOYS - they are amazing and they also turned 3 years old! I can't believe I am a mom...a mom of 3 year olds!!! It has been a crazy ride and I am loving 3! They are total #Threenagers but it is great to be able to talk and (sometimes) reason with them!

Their birthday was in September and we went all out in true #Ghouse fashion with a:


Let's take a peek...shall we?

CREDIT to Megan over at Party Stitch for custom invitations!!! 
Get yours now at:

So this was a SUPER fun party to plan and to decorate! I was on the hunt for the best deal on capes for months. The biggest obstacle was that this was also a pool party...I really wanted capes but knew between the pool and the super cute cupcakes we might have some superheros with stained capes. SOLUTION...DIY CAPES! I took Dollar Store table clothes and cut them into capes. 6 capes from 1 table cloth! Not only were they waterproof but they were super inexpesive! I paired them with Superhero Sunglasses and BOOM!

Hung them on the fence and they doubled as super cute decorations!

No party is complete without decorations - however...they can be costly and 99% of the time can't be used again. Unless you happen to be part of an amazing mom group like me! I actually was able to score some of the decor from a fellow momma of twins who threw her 3 year olds a party a few months prior! I added a few extra things and we were good to go!

Check out this cute Spiderman - late Wal-Mart score for just $19!

Along with hours of swimming, we also had a bubble station along with cars, bikes and trikes galore! I cooked all the food myself which was a first. In years past I had enlisted help or catered it. I don't recommend the DIY food when you are already exhausted....I somehow convinced myself that I needed 12 pounds of pasta for 60 people! Anyone want some freezer ziti???

We had the most fantastic desserts! Ally Cakes has done the #Gtwins birthday treats since their first birthday! She is an extremely talented young lady - not only are they amazing looking but they taste amazing too!!!

SUPER impressed!

No party is complete without a Pinata! We filled Joker up to the brim with great treats and stickers! The #Gtwins and their friends had a blast trying to knock Joker to his demise!

BEFORE! - CREDIT to Megan over at Party Stitch for custom Joker Pinata!!! 
Get yours now at:

The Superhero standee was a great touch for adults and kids to be able to take photos!

SPEAKING OF PHOTOS........Happy Snap App was the true SUPERHERO of the day!!!!
All our guests were able to upload their pictures from the party, flawlessly to Happy Snap! I provided an event code on the tables at the party and guest quickly downloaded the app and were uploading instantly! I was able to re-live their birthday (that I was busy hosting) that same night! No waiting for uploads to FB or IG or hoping that I would get tagged. IT WAS AWESOME!!! #HAPPYSNAP #Endthesend

Happy Snap App is available on Android and IOS - it's FREE! 
*I highly recommend the $.99 version too!

Ok folks that's all for tonight!

Thanks for sticking around! There is so much more I have to catch you all up on but this is all for now!