Saturday, January 31, 2015

About Me...

I am Nicole welcome to a glimpse into my life and everything I wished for coming true! I will start out by saying that this blog is purely for entertainment purposes and there is no guarantees that you will find any of my material to be helpful, humorous or relevant!

In a nutshell:
I love being a mom, foodie, DIY adventurist, traveling and believe that the world would be a better place if everyone owned at least one pair of Tap shoes in their lives!
Mini humans are hilarious (Gtwins never disappoint!), my husband is my soulmate, family is everything and friends are family that you choose, Halloween should be everyday, proper communication solves everything, wearing a smile is the best accessory!

The driving force:
I am thrown many unique challenges and endure situation that I couldn't make up if I tried - some would choose to take the low road and others the high...I choose to weave my way through the twisty middle and laugh! So here we go!
Here is the plan...I PLAN on sharing with you all the crazy goings on of my life and how I deal (or have dealt with them). From mommydom to funny Twinado stories, the need to dress my boys alike and have my family coordinate, cooking feasts for beasts to mini monster appetites, decorating to destroying, my unhealthy addiction to YouTube and unique antiques, DIY fails and successes and most importantly surviving Halloween!
But really...Who am I you may ask...I am the production director of a local Halloween attraction, I work full time all while being a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, wife and most importantly a mom to very busy, adorable, hilarious twin boys (the Gtwins)! I was raised by the best and consider myself beyond blessed, with a pinch of the Irish luck always on my side! I love to talk to everyone, sing at the top of my lungs, laugh at the most inappropriate times, dance like no should be watching and find the joy in any crazy situation! 

I hope you enjoy! Come back for seconds anytime because this momma plans on serving it up for a while!

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