Monday, February 2, 2015

Mommy's magic is only as good as her best assistants!

Well I was going to write about the Superbowl but we interrupt this regularly scheduled post to bring you late breaking events this evening form the Ghouse bathroom - a recently popular hotspot!
The boys are almost 29 months (aka 2.5 years old for those who hate months) so potty training has been on the radar. We started to slowly introduce the potty back when they turned 2 in September. With the move, O's surgery and all the sickness that we have survived in the last 2 months; potty training was tossed on the back burner! So now that they have been sickness free for all of 48 hours I decided to pull out our shiny new potty today and give it a whirl for ol' time sake! (more on potty preferences later)
Tonight is Monday, which means it is bath night and nail night why not throw in the potty and make it a paaarrrttty!
In our house bath time is loved! I have the routine down to a science...we walk in together I sit on the floor change each boy while the tub is filling they each take turns dumping their toys in while the other is getting undressed.  Tonight I decided to add an extra step -- the potty. So J goes first: I help him undress while O is filling the tub with toys. I talk to J about the potty and plop him down. He sits for .25 seconds and jumps up "all done". "no buddy, sit down and try to go pee pee on the potty". It was then I heard "mah, I pooped" I turned my head to discover the fully clothed O in the tub proudly declaring that he had pooped in his diaper; with his pants over it, now sitting in 6 inches of water! I am not sure if you all are aware of what happens to a diaper that has been submerged in water but....I will tell you that it is a magical process that quickly melts a diaper away with water faster then the wicked witch herself! (Google it!)
Behold a toddler who is wearing a hooded fleece, a long sleeve tee, sweatpants, socks and slippers; in the tub! I quickly pull him from this state and pull off everything but the sweat pants which thankfully have elastic cuffs. Now this is not my first bathroom rodeo so I jump up and grab a trash bag from the cabinet and proceed to place O in it up to the waist and pull his pants down and off into the garbage bag avoiding the gazillion beads flooding the bathroom floor! (#mommywin) I then lay O down on the floor and get him cleaned up just in time for J to get the whole peeing on command trick. From the angle it was hitting O's tummy I would say J mastered it!
Well...the first act was entertaining but we couldn't continue the show without a quick intermission sponsored by bleach!
Not to fear the tooth brush is here! While the scene change is happening in the tub I take this awesome opportunity to have them brush their teeth; a skill they have solely mastered!
So the rest of the bath was filled with fighting over trimming their nails and O getting even by peeing on J -- ya know, nothing too exciting! Once done they are met at the door by my husband who scoops them up and proceed to get them ready for bed while I clean the normally disasterous bathroom. Tonight was different. I had a sense of pride while cleaning. As I proudly lifted the lid on the potty seat to dump and clean the prized waste my glee was shattered with the sight of J's tooth brush face the potty!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Hope it's a dry one! 

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